I've been through a lot of gear in 40 years.MTG 2

From Adida ROMs through 5 Fingers and back.

From sweats to tights, from polyester to breathable, cold weather gear and rain gear.

There are thousands of products out there. I've seen thousands come and go. And a lot that seem to hang around. A water belt? If you're running solo through the desert, maybe. Crampons for snow? You're not from around here, right?

It can be a time consuming task to try to find a product or service that actually works. Or that you actually need. That's where I can help.

How I Do My Reviews

Like you, I have tried a lot. Like you, I've been running a long time. And also like you, I've found stuff that works for me. But more recently I've made it my mission to sort through the mountain of products and focus on the ones that are most relevant to us.

I'll field test all the products I review. I won't wear them out, but I'll see how they perform. You may have had experience with one or more of the products here. If that is the case and you read a review here about a product you've tried, send me your experiences with the product and let's compare notes.

If you're a long-time user, you'll know why a product works for you. Share it. It might work for someone else.

Product You Want Me to Have a Look At?

I review products all the time. If there is a piece of gear that I haven't looked at yet and you want me to take a closer look, just leave a description of it below and I'll try to get hold of it for an upcoming review.


Gear Articles

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